Relying On Pet Boarding During A Home Remodel? 3 Things To Check First

When you plan on tackling a large home remodeling project, you likely need to make some changes to your home first. This can include everything from moving furniture out of the room to be worked on to making plans for your pet. If your pets would be more comfortable staying at a boarding kennel during the remodel due to the construction going on at home, you'll need to know what to look for to ensure that your pet has an enjoyable boarding experience. [Read More]

Dog Acting Up? Day Care Could Be The Answer

Statistics show that there are 70 to 80 million dogs living in America. While having a dog can be beneficial for your family, many dogs begin to develop behavioral problems over time. If you spend long periods of time away from home during the day and you are tired of your dog's bad behavior, it might be time to enroll your pooch in a day care program. Here are three ways that day care can help address behavioral problems in your dog, making your furry friend more pleasant to be around in the future. [Read More]

Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

Having a new puppy is a new and exciting adventure. Your new puppy will quickly become a member of your family. Even though this is a fun time of life, it can also be very difficult. The dog may bark all night and go to the bathroom all over your house. It is extremely important to help a dog get into good habits when they are just a puppy. One of the most important things that you can do is to potty train your puppy, especially if they are an inside dog. [Read More]

Why Your New Long Haired Cat Should Visit the Groomer

Have you recently adopted a cat with long hair? Are you still wondering how to best care for your new feline friend? In order for your cat's skin and coat to be healthy, he or she will need regular grooming. Here are some reasons why you should take them to a professional. Better appearance Unless you've gone through cat grooming training yourself, an attempt at cutting your cat's fur may result in him or her looking like she got run over by a lawnmower. [Read More]