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2 Questions To Ask Before Boarding Your Dog At A Short-Term Lodging Facility

If you need to go away for a few days and are not able to take your beloved dog with you, you may be stressed out about what you can do with them while you are gone. If you have no one who can take care of your pet in their home, you may be looking to put your dog into a short-term boarding facility. 

When choosing a facility, you may already be planning on asking about the feeding schedule, cleanliness guidelines, and sleeping kennels, but you may have other concerns. Below are a couple of additional questions that you may want to ask to give yourself peace of mind before boarding your dog in a short-term facility.

1. What Plan Is in Place for the Staff to Deal With Any Personality Conflicts Between the Dogs?

One question you may want to ask when you contact the facility has to do with any plans they have in place for personality conflicts. Even if the majority of the dogs are friendly and lovable, there is always the possibility that a fight could break out while they are playing together.

To help with these situations, the facility should have enough staff who are trained to break up these disagreements between the dogs. Knowing their plan can help you feel better about having your pet be around strange dogs during play times.

2. Does the Facility Employ Staff at Night to Walk and Take Care of Any Needs of the Pets Under Their Charge?

Another question to ask that can help ease your mind before placing your dog in a boarding facility has to do with the nighttime staff. When speaking with the representative, find out how many staff members they have working at night as well as inquire about what their responsibilities are.

Typically, the nighttime staff will walk the dogs, especially if you are concerned about your pet staying on their nighttime routine. The staff are also there to take care of any needs of the pets in their charge so you know that your dog will be cared for around the clock while you are gone. 

Even if you will only be boarding your dog for a few days, you want to make sure that they stay safe and be able to stick to their routine as much as possible to reduce stress and maintain consistency in their life. Asking the above questions can help you get started with finding out how the staff at a particular facility deals with unexpected situations between their charges as well as how they care for them at night. 

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