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The Benefits Of Taking Your Rabbit To The Groomer

People often take their dogs and even their cats to the groomer, but they don't always think of taking rabbits to the groomer. Not all pet groomers work with rabbits. However, if you have a local groomer who accepts rabbits, it can be a good idea to take your bunny to them. Here are some of the key benefits of grooming for bunnies. 

Grooming will remove any mats

Rabbits have really fine fur. As such, their fur tends to mat easily. In other words, it creates little tangles, and those tangles tend to grow larger and larger over time. Mats don't just look ugly; they can also be uncomfortable for rabbits. They can irritate the skin. Once a mat reaches a certain size, a rabbit cannot remove it on their own, and in fact, you may not be able to remove it, either. Groomers have the equipment and skills to remove matted fur safely and comfortably. This can help your rabbit feel more comfortable.

Grooming will help keep your rabbit's skin healthy

A groomer will typically spend plenty of time brushing your rabbit's coat. Not only does this make their coat look nice, but it is also good for their skin. All of the stimulation of the brush helps bring oils and moisture into the skin. Your rabbit may experience less itchiness as a result. If they have a history of dry skin, you may notice less flakiness and dryness after they go to the groomer. Ask the groomer to recommend a brush you can use on your rabbit between appointments to get a similar effect.

Groomers usually trim a bunny's nails

In the wild, rabbits run over all sorts of rough surfaces, and this keeps their nails worn down to a comfortable level. But in captivity, bunnies tend to spend more time on soft surfaces. Their nails tend to become overgrown. This can cause corns, calluses, discomfort in their paws, and other problems. A groomer will almost always trim your rabbit's nails when they come in for an appointment. They know how to safely restrain the rabbit so they can trim their nails without causing harm. This is often a lot easier than you trying to trim your rabbit's nails at home.

If you have a rabbit groomer in your area, by all means, take your bunny to them. Even if you only do so occasionally, your bunny will reap the benefits.

Contact a local groomer, such as Rabbit Groomers Inc, to learn more.