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How To Properly Prepare Your Dog For The Boarding Facility

If you are getting ready to leave your home for an extended period of time and you will be placing your dog in a dog boarding facility, you will need to ensure that you are preparing your dog for this temporary transition. To make sure that it is done correctly, you will want to review the following suggestions:

Double Check Your Dog's Vaccination Records

Give your vet a call and ask to make sure that your dog's vaccination records are all up to date. This is important because illnesses such as kennel cough can show up in boarding facilities. Therefore, you should let your vet know that your dog will be staying in such a facility in order to ensure that it has all of the protection it can from that illness, as well as any others that could be transmitted to an unprotected dog while boarding.

Start Your Dog On A Flea And Tick Treatment

If this is already a part of your regular regimen with your dog, you do not have to give any more of this type of preventative treatment. However, if your dog has not received a current dose of a flea and tick treatment, you will want to go ahead and do that now. After all, you never know if the other dogs in the facility will have fleas or ticks on them that can make their way over to your dog. If your dog is treated, any fleas or ticks that bite while at the boarding facility will die, and you will not have to worry about bringing any pests back to your house when you pick your dog up at the end of its stay.

Prepare An Emergency Contact List

If you are going to be extremely busy, or too far away to get to your dog in the event of an emergency, you will want to give the boarding facility a list of emergency contact numbers. This list should include contact information for where you will be staying, a local friend or family member that could help in a pinch, and the name and telephone number of your trusted vet.

Simply make use of the previously mentioned tips and start searching for the best possible dog boarding facility in your area. The sooner you find a quality boarding facility, the sooner you will be able to reserve your dog's spot with them before there are no more vacancies available for your scheduled time away from home. You can contact companies like River Dogs Resort for more information.