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Answering Several Questions About Boarding A Dog For The First Time

Boarding your dog for the first time can be a major experience for the both of you. However, a little preparation on your part can greatly reduce the stress that can accompany boarding a dog for several days or longer.

Why Is An Evaluation With Staff From The Boarding Facility Necessary?

One of the more common steps in registering a dog for a boarding facility is for the pet to undergo an evaluation with the staff. These evaluations are not medical in nature, but they are intended to help familiarize the staff with the pet. During this evaluation, they will make sure that the dog can comfortably fit in their boarding kennels and that it has a friendly disposition, and they may ask you about any special needs the dog may have. While this may seem extreme, it is essential for minimizing the risk of conflict among the dogs as well as ensuring that the boarding facility can safely accommodate your dog's particular needs.

What Happens If Your Dog Experiences Medical Issues While Being Boarded?

Unfortunately, there is always a risk that your dog may experience medical problems at any time. If your dog were to become sick or experience other problems, the boarding center staff will contact you to discuss how to handle the situation. Also, when you register your dog, you will be asked to provide contact information for a veterinarian. This is done to ensure that your pet's medical provider can be contacted in the event the boarding center is unable to reach you.

What Will You Need To Provide The Boarding Facility With When You Leave Your Dog?

On the day that you leave your dog at the boarding facility, there are a few items that you may want to consider leaving with them. A sampling of your dog's normal food can be excellent for easing the dietary stress that switching to a new food can cause. For dogs that eat dry kibble, filling a small plastic bag should be enough for the staff to transition the dog to their food. If your dog eats canned food, you should leave several cans behind.

In addition to food, a small sampling of toys can help to soothe your dog by providing something that is familiar. However, you should not take too many toys, as this will be difficult for the boarding facility staff to manage. Rather, one or two of your dog's favorite toys should be sufficient for providing relief from stress.

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