Doggie Day Care Benefits You and Your Pet

Three Reasons To Send Your Dogs To Training Classes Together

Dogs are typically pack animals, whether they are with humans or with other animals. Dogs tend to have social hierarchies and social actions. When you bring a dog into your home, beginning its training immediately is a good idea. For the dog's health, you will need to train them to know where their food and water is, where they are to relieve themselves, and rooms in the house where they are allowed. If you have a plan to get more than one dog, you should actually hold off on the behavioral training until they are together. Here are three reasons why. 

Dogs learn to play off of one another

When dogs are in the same family, they tend to learn to play off of one another, both in attitude and in actions. Taking them to dog behavior training together will teach them how you want the both of them to behave. The dogs learning the same skills together will make sure that one does not come into the house later and change the already trained behavior of the prior dog. Learning skills together also helps the dogs depend on one another for correction when necessary. 

Both dogs can help each other remember

For some dogs, training is a little bit more difficult than others. Some dogs take a while to be able to listen to commands such as sit, stay, and come. When you are practicing at home and at the training facility, the dog who is catching on faster can be a leader for the dog that is having trouble understanding. Being able to practice together and see the fast-learning dog as an example is a good way to reinforce learning for the dogs while at home. For puppies especially, having a good example to learn from can make learning necessary skills less daunting. 

Learning together can help make the dogs close

Some dogs tend to be close immediately, which will lead them to play, sleep, and eat together. Other dogs may be loners and prefer to do activities by themselves. Going to training classes together after being brought into the family gives the dogs a sense of kinship. Since they will know one another and not any other dogs in the obedience class, they will be likely to remain together. Having the dogs become a close pack that shares things will decrease the possibility of them fighting or disliking one another.