Doggie Day Care Benefits You and Your Pet

3 Reasons To Board Your Cat While You're Spring Cleaning

For many people, spring cleaning is a yearly ritual. While you might make an effort to keep your home tidy on a regular basis, a good deep spring cleaning can help to clear away a year's worth of accumulated dirt and grunge that can build up in your home. If you have a cat, one of the best things you could do for yourself and your cat is to board them while you're cleaning. Here's why.

1.  Toxic Substances

Cleaning can often be a tricky thing to do around cats. Many cleaning products are simply toxic to cats. Even those that are marked as safe to use around pets typically indicate that it's safe for pets after they dry. Having your cat traipsing through the cleanser itself could allow them to ingest it, which could be very bad for them.

In addition, there's a chance that there are some toxic substances in your home that your cat shouldn't be exposed to. If your cleaning efforts kick up dust, bacteria, or mold, your cat could be impacted by that. While you can wear facial protection, your cat can't, so keeping them out of the house for a little while can keep them safe.

2.  Trauma

Cats are very susceptible to noises and smells that they're not accustomed to. Chances are you've seen a cat become timid and fearful after an encounter with a vacuum cleaner or a stranger in their home.

When you think about cleaning, chances are you'll be utilizing tools that are noisy, as well as detergents and cleansers with strong scents. Both of these can bewilder your cat, frighten them, and leave them cowering. Stress is bad for cats and can have long-term health effects, so it might be better for them to not be around until the cleaning process is completely finished.

3.  Services Made Easier

Lastly, if you're planning on getting help from outside, such as having a carpet cleaner or cleaning service come in, it's safer for your cat to not be there.

Any time you open the door, there's a risk of your cat escaping into the outside world. If your cat lives indoors permanently, this could be extremely risky. However, even cats that are allowed to go out regularly can potentially get hurt while outside for a prolonged period of time.

Since they may be scared off by noises, smells, and strangers during this time, you could potentially not see a cat for a day or more. But, by taking them to a boarding facility, you can ensure their safety.

Boarding your cat has a purpose beyond simply going on vacation or business trips. If you need to do something as intense as spring cleaning, consider dropping your kitty off at a pet service facility for their own good.