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Relying On Pet Boarding During A Home Remodel? 3 Things To Check First

When you plan on tackling a large home remodeling project, you likely need to make some changes to your home first. This can include everything from moving furniture out of the room to be worked on to making plans for your pet. If your pets would be more comfortable staying at a boarding kennel during the remodel due to the construction going on at home, you'll need to know what to look for to ensure that your pet has an enjoyable boarding experience.

Ask Whether You Can Check in on Your Pets

Since you should still be able to take your pets on walks or simply play with them while getting home remodeling work done, it's a good idea to inquire about whether or not you can visit your pet that is staying at the boarding facility. In some cases, the boarding kennel may not allow pet owners to come inside the facility to visit the pets due to the stress it may cause them when you leave again or as a safety precaution. With this in mind you can make sure that you choose the right boarding kennel for your pets and your own peace of mind.

Get Familiar with What Services Are Offered

Services offered at a boarding kennel can range from grooming to outdoor play sessions with other dogs, so you'll need to keep in mind what will benefit your pets the most. Whether you're boarding your cat or your dog, you'll need to check with kennels to see which services make the most sense for their needs.

Arranging services such as grooming can help ensure that your pet stays neatly groomed and clean while you're getting remodeling work done at home and can't take care for pet during this period.

Look into Discounts for Extended Stays

Depending on the remodeling work that's being done, you may not be able to bring your pet home for a week or longer. After determining how long the remodeling work will take, you'll want to check with boarding kennels to see if they offer discounts for extended stays. This can greatly reduce the costs involved with boarding your pet without diminishing the quality of care received.

After you've made this decision to board your pets while getting your home remodeled, you'll need to begin searching for the best kennel for your pet's specific needs and the services that they will enjoy the most. Click for more information here.