Doggie Day Care Benefits You and Your Pet

Picking The Right Boarding Facility For Your Dog

Just like people, all dogs are different. It is important that you read into your dog's personality to understand what type of boarding facility will meet their needs. If you are going out of town and need to board your dog, try your best to find a good fit for them. Here are four different traits in dogs and the types of kennels that might best suit them.

1. The Pack Animal

If your dog is overly social, it will be important that they get the interaction they need. Whether this is with human caretakers or other dogs, find a facility that will let your dog have play time and activities that will involve being around others. If you are boarding two dogs at once, be sure to kennel them together so that your dogs have their buddy with them.

2. The Older Gentleman

If your dog is aging with pride, they still may have the activity level to be able to be in a boarding facility. It is a good idea to find one with a veterinary staff on hand or linked to an animal hospital. If an emergency happens or your older dog gets sick, help will be there. If your dog needs medication or strict dietary needs, make sure a boarding facility can administer these and takes you dog's health seriously.

3. The Runner

If your dog just cannot get enough exercise, they will need a facility that will let them run and romp. You dog will go stir crazy if locked in a kennel all day, so make sure that exercise is on the menu. If there is a big yard or runs for dogs to play in, make sure there are designated times that your dog will be able to get out there and blow off steam.

4. The Sensitive Type

If your dog is more of the shy type or suffers from anxiety issues, they might be happier in a calmer, more quiet environment. See if there are kennels away from the group, and if your dog might be able to have more low key one-on-one time with a staff member. If your dog doesn't want to socialize, they shouldn't have to.

Don't put your dog in a situation that they can't handle. If you aren't sure about a boarding facility, make sure to go and take a tour first to address your dog's specific needs. Your dog will be safe and will be cared for, but try your best to make their time away a fun experience.

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