Doggie Day Care Benefits You and Your Pet

Tasks To Have Your Rabbit Sitter Perform

While it's common to take a pet dog to a local boarding service when you'll be out of town for a few days, doing so isn't necessary with smaller pets. If you have a couple of rabbits, it can be acceptable to leave them in your home while you're away — provided that you have someone come to your home to care for them. Look for a local pet sitting service that has experience dealing with rabbits. You can then arrange a sitter to visit daily and perform the following tasks during each of these visits.

Provide Food And Water

Rabbits eat frequently throughout the day, so one of the sitter's most important jobs will be to provide food and water for your pets. If you feed your rabbits a diverse diet, the feeding process can encompass a few steps. For example, you may ask the sitter to provide a specific volume of alfalfa pellets to the animals, put down some hay for them to snack on, and even provide a few fresh vegetables. For the latter food, you may wish to prepare some veggies and keep them in your refrigerator in daily portions that your sitter can retrieve. Additionally, your sitter will need to fill the rabbits' water bottles/bowls with fresh water.

Play With The Rabbits

You'll also want your pet sitter to spend a little time playing with your rabbits. This is especially true if the rabbits are younger and full of energy. The setup that you have for your rabbits will partially dictate how the sitter plays with them. For example, if you keep your rabbits in a large cage, you might ask the sitter to let the animals out of the cage so that they can run around a bit and engage with the sitter. This will be instrumental in giving the pets some exercise and mental stimulation.

Tidy The Space

Rabbits can make a bit of a mess, so you'll want your sitter to tidy their area so that it isn't messy when you return home from your trip. If you keep your rabbits in a cage, the sitter can clean out the cage by removing the droppings and replacing whatever material you use as bedding. If you allow your rabbits to roam free in a specific room, there will be lots of droppings to pick up and there may be pieces of hay littered around the area that the sitter can collect, too. Look online to find a pet sitter in your community.